a walkman headphone? it definitely is. the Sony 3-in-1 Walkman WH Series headphones are the definitive gadgets for anyone who is almost always undecided about the source of the music (smartphone or walkman?) and mode of listening (headphones or speakers?). it is one gizmo that is set to eliminate your music dilemma once and for all by offering three different ways of listening: wear it as a pair of headphones and enjoy the tunes from the built-in digital music player; let the sound out through its surround sound speakers; or use it as a regular headphones with your smartphone or other portable music players with the supplied audio cable. two models are offered, the NWZ-WH505 and the NWZ-WH303.

common features include a digital music player with built-in storage, an integrated battery for up to 20 hours of playback per charge, built-in surround sound speakers, as well as dynamic dome type drivers. setting the two apart are the driver size, as well as the built-in storage capacity. the WH505 sports 40mm drivers for rich and powerful bass, and has 16GB storage for up to 4,000 tracks, while the WH303’s audio reproduction is through smaller 30mm drivers and has just 4GB of onboard storage, good for up to 1,000 audio tracks. aesthetically, the two models also differ, but both models feature cool illuminated LED Walkman logo on the earcups. information regarding their availability and pricing are still unknown.

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