judging from the number of crossover concepts we have seen recently, we have reasons to believe the future of automobile looks to be heading off the road. KIA Motors Europe’s 2013 KIA Niro Concept, unwrapped at the recent Frankfurt Motor Show, is just one such example and we must say it was really quite a head turner too. designed for the European market, the KIA Niro Concept is a product of KIA’s Frankfurt design studio, designed under the direction of KIA Chief Designer Europe, Gregory Guillaume and is the Korean automaker’s perspective of what holds for the future of European B-segment vehicles.

powering the concept crossover is a hybrid drivetrain comprising of KIA’s 1.6-liter turbocharged ‘Gamma’ engine with 158 hp (118 kW), put through to the front wheels via a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, and an electric-hybrid system powered from regenerative braking that contributes 44 horses (33 kW) to the rear wheels. all told, this setup effectively gives yield to a little over 200 horses, put to all four wheels. beyond those, little is known about the KIA Niro Concept, except maybe for the fact it has a beautiful and stylish body of “mix contrasting materials” sitting atop of a crossover platform.

we can’t offer more information beyond what we have already said, instead, we would like to invite you to steal a few more look in the image gallery available after the break.

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