when a product – any product – is touched by a world class designer, you know you are going to see something really awesome and the LaCie x Starck Blade Runner Hard Drive is one such example and it is, of course, touched by the undisputed, world renown designer Philippe Starck. understandably – who else would have such an incredibly, insane and yet beautiful idea? the Blade Runner (not endorsed by the classic sci-fi flick in anyway) features an anthropomorphic metal interior with an angular cage-like exterior and deep within lies a 4TB of hard drive storage with data transfer facilitated by SuperSpeed USB 3.0 interface for a speedy transfer that befits its futuristic appearance. and the design – the aluminum, radiator-like enclosure – is not mere beauty without brain: it helps to dissipates the heat, which in turn helps in boosting this desktop hard drive performance. finally, a uber cool LED indicator light in the form of Starck’s signature branding symbol, glows elegantly to indicate the hard drive’s status. the LaCie x Starck Blade Runner Hard Drive comes in 4TB guise with a $299.99 sticker – a price that comes with a complimentary Wuala Secure Cloud Storage and of course, the LaCie user-friendly backup software. and oh, did we mention that it is a limited edition hard drive? yeah, only 9,999 of this exemplary examples will be made available. so, if you want one, then you better act fast cos’ on global level, a sub-10k figure isn’t a lot to go around. aren’t they? hit the jump for a few more look.

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