a couch is probably not the go-to place for a geek, but it would be, if the the couch in question is the Cassina MyWorld Sofa by Philippe Starck. what appears to be a regular designer furniture actually incorporates an electrical re-charging, a USB charger, as well as a Duracell Powermat wireless charging pad – all discreetly hideaway inside its box cupboard. however, do not mistake this integration as just throwing a power strip or two in it; all this charging outlet are meticulously integrated and becomes part of the overall furniture system. today’s devices are ever power hungry and with such seamless integration, it offers us a closer link to our devices so that we can stay connected while cozy out on the sofa’s feather-padded cushions without having to worry about our devices’ power level.

pictured here is one of the many possible configurations; which means to say, the MyWorld Sofa can be personalized to individual’s needs and requirements. the modular nature allows the individual pieces, including accessories like divider, to be purchased and grouped together, forming your desired system. as far as wood products are concerned, they are available three finishes: oak, rosewood or varnished and in a choice of five colors. as for the sofa system, it is available as two-seater, three-seater, armchair, chaise-longue, as well as, pouf with two drawers. from what we understand, price is upon request. so you might want to head on down to Cassina website for more details. scroll down for a few more look at this handsome piece of furniture.

Source: STARCK / Cassina
via PSFK

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