Rulapen 30-degree Ruler and Pen

The 30° Ruler has gotten an upgrade. Called Rulapen, it is a 2-in-1 ruler pen that has all the benefits and features of the original 30° ruler, but now with an internal refillable ballpoint point that supports over 30+ types of refills.

Rulapen 30-degree Ruler and Pen

Features of the ruler include a 30° slope that makes it easy to pick up, easy reading of measurements without the need to lean over, and serving as a safe cutting guide. Like the 30° Ruler 4.0, every tick is marked which negates counting of the scale to determine the exact measurement.

Other highlights of the ruler include laser-etched graduations, metric and imperial units, start at zero (perfect for measuring internal size), and aerospace-grade aluminum material.

Rulapen 30-degree Ruler and Pen

Meanwhile, the pen is precision CNC machined from aerospace-grade aluminum with a clean, minimal design. A quick release with a satisfying click on the ruler releases the pen when you need it. The pen is compatible with over 30 refill brands.

Rulapen is exactly what the 30° Ruler 4.0 is but with the benefit of having a writing instrument without the need to carry another item which is kinda cool.

You may learn more about the Rulapen on Kickstarter where you can also secure a unit for an early bird pricing of £49 or more (about US$60).

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Images: Orangered Life.