NOOE Bento Jot: The Stationery You Need, Organized Into Bento Box-inspired Boxes!

Do you still depend on stationery like writing instruments, rulers, scissors, adhesive tape, erasers, and whatnot? If you do and you are obsessed with a clutter-free desktop and embrace uniformity, well, the young master of neat desktop NOOE has the right stationery product for you. It is called Bento Jot.

MultiRuler Multitool Ruler: Finally, A Multi-tool Ruler That Is Actually Useful

A regular person has a regular ruler. A handy person, on the other hand, will have the MultiRuler Multitool Ruler. MultiRuler is a multi-tool AND a ruler. Obviously, multi-tool with ruler is not new. However, I assure you that you probably won’t think those as “rulers” after you have seen the MultiRule.