How many times have you found yourself hunching over a ruler to look at the reading? Well, you don’t have to. Not if you use this: 25° Ruler. From the creator of the 30° Ruler, Orangered Life, the new 25° Ruler has a refined angle for enhanced ergonomics and improved stability.

25-degree Ruler by Orangered Life

The 25° ruler lets you see the markings without hunching over the ruler. The teardrop cross section that resulted from the tilt also brings about several benefits, including being easy to grab from a flat surface, and the raised edge provides a safe place to hold when you need to use the ruler as a guide for cutting with a pen knife.

Other highlights of this handsome ruler include an anti-scratch design,  start-at-zero design, fade-resistance laser engraved markings with large fonts for legibility, and aerospace-grade aluminum construction. Oh, did we mention that every tick mark is labeled to take the guesswork out of reading measurements and also the ruler measures both in centimeters and inches?

25-degree Ruler by Orangered Life

The new 25-degree Ruler by Orangered Life is available in five 5 colors and 5 sizes to suit different tastes and needs. Once again, Orangered Life has taken to Kickstarter to introduce its new ruler where you can pre-order a unit for £20 or more (or about US$26, according to Kickstarter).

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Images: Orangered Life.

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