30-degree Ruler 4.0 by Orangered Life Kickstarter

Unless you are student, or a person who does technical stuff or draws, you probably hadn’t look at a ruler for the longest time. If you are one of the aforementioned, or someone who just need a cool ruler, then you may want to take a look at 30o Ruler 4.0 by Orangered Life.

30-degree Ruler 4.0 by Orangered Life Kickstarter

30o Ruler 4.0, as the name explicitly implies, features a 30o slope that makes it easy to pick up without sliding it to the edge of the desk. Having an angled ruler also allows you to read measurements without leaning over and also makes it safer to be use as a cutting guide.

It also helps that every tick mark is labelled, so counting lines to determine the exact measure is a thing of the past.

It further features dual units of measurements (namely, centimeters and inches), start from zero at the edge of the roller, non-slip design, and laser engraved markings that is totally scratch proof. It also promised accurate measurement, but I am not scientist, so I can’t say how that can be assured.

30-degree Ruler 4.0 by Orangered Life Kickstarter

As denoted by the product name, 30o Ruler 4.0 is the fourth iteration. I know right. Who would have a thought a ruler would have so much room for improvements? I certainly never imagine that is even possible.

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Anywho… with the 4.0, the ruler is now significantly wider for easier grip, while larger font size and non-glare surface ensure legibility. It is available in three sizes: S (6 inches /15 cm), M (8 inches/20 cm), and L (12 inches/30 cm), and with a starting price of £22, or about US$29.

If you are keen, you can pick it up as a pre-order on Kickstarter. The campaign is funded. Delivery is expected to happen sometime in January 2021.

30-degree Ruler 4.0 by Orangered Life Kickstarter

All images courtesy of Orangered Life.

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