Buckle Up Key Holder by Thabto

Buckle Up Key Holder by Thabto
Buckle Up Key Holder by Thabto | £14.95 | www.thabto.co.uk

as much as we would love to have a key holder that is symbolic to one of our biggest love in life – cars – we can’t have a car ignition in our house to hold the very car key. however, there’s a better and novel way to do it, and that’s the Buckle Up Key Holder by UK-based firm, Thabto. with it, you can literally buckle up your keys right next to your door or wherever that’s convenient to you and you will not only have a functional key holder but one that’s certain to be a conversation starter. adding to the beauty is, the Buckle Up Key Holder is actually made from discontinued car seat belt buckles which makes all the more awesome. so now you know it. a car belt buckle can do more than just save lives or turned into fashionable belts. the Buckle Up Key Holder by Thabto can be yours for a mere £14.95 from Thabto web store or for those residing in U.S., you can grab it off from The Fancy for just $24 a pop and saves yourself on costly across-the-pond shipping. price include the necessary mounting hardware for the belt buckle.

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