One of the most mundane measuring tools, the ruler, has been turned into something stylish and even multifunctional. Just when we thought those are the most someone could do to a ruler, enter NeoRuler which completely changes how we use a ruler.

NeoRuler Smart Digital Ruler by HOZO Design

From the maker of high-tech measuring tools HOZO Design, NeoRuler is a smart digital ruler that not only looks sleek but also changes the way how we measure and read the measurements. It has a scale with 300 LED lights and a 4096-grade magnetic encoder that detects precise movement to enable measurements.

The LED lights through the length of the 30 cm ruler made of aluminum alloy unibody frame and 316 stainless less indicate where the slider, aka the magnetic encoder, stops. Where the slider stops, it provides the reading of the measurement.

Instead of squinting your eyes to read the measurement, it is presented on a 1.14” high-resolution LCD display. The display is backlit, thus allowing legibility in any lighting condition.

NeoRuler Smart Digital Ruler by HOZO Design

Because it is digital, you are free to switch between metric and imperial units of measurement. HOZO Design said NeoRuler has an accuracy of +/- 0.1 mm.

It offers three primary features to aid in drafting, measuring, and reading. There is the Scale Ruler with 90 built-in scales that lets you measure scale drawings.

There is the Customized Scale function that lets you define the scale which works even for plans that have been reduced, enlarged, or simply just not to scale.

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Finally, there is the Divider function that helps you divide a line into equal lengths taking away the eye-torturing process of counting the scale.

NeoRuler Smart Digital Ruler by HOZO Design

It’s crazy how high-tech this ruler is. The only caveat is that it being digital means it would require charging but thankfully, the built-in 900 mAh battery is good for up to 30 days of use before needing recharging using the integrated USB-C port.

The ruler is app-enabled. Yup. You read that right. An app-enabled ruler. Using the free companion app, you can capture every measurement you made for reference at a later time.

There is more. If you have more money to spare, you may want to pick up some handy accessories known as modules that can further enhance your work.

NeoRuler Smart Digital Ruler by HOZO Design

There is the NeoReading Kit that magnifies the drawing that you are measuring. There is the NeoDrafting Kit which is essentially a penholder that lets you draft straight lines in exact measurement, and there is the NeoCaliper Kit that turns the NeoRuler into a digital vernier caliper.

But such awesome does not come cheap. The base NeoRuler costs US$129, which is hefty for any kind of ruler, and the module or kit starts at US$19.90.

NeoRuler Smart Digital Ruler by HOZO Design

Images: HOZO Design.

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