The invention the of cooler saved picnics. Nearly 70 decades on, it is still an amazing invention. But needs have changed somewhat. Gone are the days of carrying just a few six-packs, or sodas. We want to load up more and go to places where a cooling box can be impractical. We want to beyond the lush green of Central Park or the beaches. We want to be able to traverse the wilderness and have our cold ones.

Yeti Hopper M20 Backpack Soft Cooler

This is where the cooler bag comes in. Not just any cooler bag, mind you. It is the Yeti Hopper M20 Backpack Soft Cooler. Basically, the M20 is a marriage between a backpack and a cooler, and it is soft, so it is easy on your back. It lets you carry your cold ones, snacks, and whatnot that needs to be cooled on your back, thus freeing up your hands for slashing your way through the trails.

The bag uses ultra-strong magnets to keep the cold locked in while the new MagShield Access opens wide for easy access to the cooled payload. The bag further supports attaching of accessories like the Rambler Bottle Sling, and Sidekick Dry Gear Case to the HitchPoint Grid to expand its operational capability.

Yeti Hopper M20 Backpack Soft Cooler

The M20 is made for the wilderness. It is ultra-durable, thanks to the DryHide Shell, which high-density fabric can withstand punctures and UV rays. In addition, both the interior and exterior materials are treated to be mildew resistant too. Finally, there is ColdCell Insulation which uses closed-cell foam technology to lock in the cold.

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But awesome coolness is not for everyone because it comes with a hefty sticker of US$325. That’s a lot for any bag or any kind of cooler.

Images: Yeti.

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