Men’s balls, aka scrotum. They are like boobs, but less offensive when you mentioned it. In other words, they are less “pervert” if anyone were to reference to it then if anyone were to reference to ladies’ bosom. Perhaps that is why there are a number of products based on it – including one that will let use them (the balls) to have penetrative sex. Well, here’s another ball sack-related novelty product called Croc Balls.

Croc Balls for Crocs by DaddysToyDrawer on Etsy

Croc Balls is precisely what it says it is. No, they are not crocodile’s balls, if that’s what you are thinking… It is ball sack for your beloved Croc. 3D printed and sold by Canada-based Etsy seller DaddysToyDrawer, Croc Balls is a decorative accessory to spruce up any pair of Croc much like the gun nuts we saw a while ago.

Croc Balls for Crocs by DaddysToyDrawer on Etsy

It comes in a variety of colors, including a glow-in-the-dark version. Croc Balls is described as “for lolz, don’t expect this to be used as they may break.” Wait. I think am lost here. What do you exactly mean by “don’t expect this to be used?” Is the creator expecting it to be used for other purpose besides clipping onto a pair of Croc? Hmmm. Now I am curious!

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Croc Balls is something you can buy and if you are interested, you may pick up a pair on Etsy for around US$17-ish.

Croc Balls for Crocs by DaddysToyDrawer on Etsy

Images: Etsy (DaddysToyDrawer).

Hat tip: This Is Why I’m Broke.

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