Swatch Year of the Dragon Timepiece Collection

The Year of the Dragon is upon us and no one is more keen on welcoming a new zodiac sign than the Chinese and select Asia groups, and watchmakers. Every year, watchmakers will not let up the golden opportunity to introduce zodiac sign-themed timepieces.

Swatch Year of the Dragon Timepiece Collection

This year is no different. Swatch is one such watchmaker. The Swiss watchmaker of collectible timepieces has joined many others, including the likes of TAG Heuer, Casio, and more, to introduce a Swatch Year of the Dragon Collection.

For this collection, Swatch has taken inspiration from the dazzling neon lights of Asian city streets and signs, and the result is five dragon-powered watches that pack a serious punch of style and luck.

You see, dragons are known for their charisma, intelligence, and confidence, and Swatch believes there’s a little dragon in all of us. That’s the spirit behind this fantastic collection.

Swatch Year of the Dragon Timepiece Collection

Whether you’re searching for a gift or a statement accessory for a celebration, Swatch has got you covered. There are so many cool models to choose from that you might want to start a dragon-themed watch collection.

The party starts on February 10, but you can get your hands (or should we say, wrists) on the full Year of the Dragon Collection from December 27, 2023, in Swatch stores worldwide and online at

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Keep going for some of the fiery highlights:

1. DRAGON IN CLOUD (US$130): The BIG BOLD dragon is on cloud nine, with bio-sourced materials for a stylish yet eco-conscious statement piece.

2. DRAGON IN WIND PAY! (US$110): The slim and sleek NEW GENT is all about classic style and secure payments, making it the life of the party.

3. DRAGON IN WAVES (US$85): The GENT case in deep blue is perfect for smaller wrists, with a mesmerizing dragon design symbolizing peace and harmony.

4. DRAGON IN MOTION (US$220): Vibrant red meets gold in the IRONY CHRONO, a blend of classic style and contemporary flair.

5. DRAGON IN GOLD (US$195): The SKIN IRONY shines in gold tones, representing prosperity and wisdom, with a subtle dragon print that glows in the dark.

Swatch Year of the Dragon Timepiece Collection

And the best part? Each watch in the Year of the Dragon Collection comes in a special cube-shaped packaging that matches the watch’s colors and dragon designs. It’s not just a timepiece; it’s a party accessory that says, “There’s a dragon in all of us!” 🐉⌚🎉

You can learn more about Swatch Year of the Dragon Collection HERE.

Swatch Year of the Dragon Timepiece Collection

Images: Swatch.