Playing gel ball is a great way to get exercise, have fun with your friends and family, or just enjoy some time out in nature. But before you grab the equipment and head out to the field for an afternoon of play, there are a few things that you should know about how to play gel ball. That’s why this easy guide was created to help you learn how to play gel ball!

An Easy Guide To Learning How To Play Gel Ball
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Learn To Play Gel Ball

Gel ball is a competitive shooting game that involves shooting small spherical water-soluble balls that are made from gelatin-like material with a colored dye that bursts open on contact with your opponent.

Gel ball is similar to paintball, but there are a few key differences.

First of all gel balls burst open on contact and their dye colors stain clothing – so you should wear dark clothes when playing that don’t mind getting stained if the game gets heated! Gel balls also break upon impact. Players typically will use a face mask to guard their eyes, mouths, and noses.

Gel balls are shot from special guns called ‘gel blaster’ which shoot the gelatinous spheres using compressed air or carbon dioxide. You will find that Australian Gel Blasters are some of the best on the market and worth the look. Gel blasters can be powered by rechargeable batteries or gas cartridges.

Gel balls are also soft and bouncy, which means that they won’t cause injuries when players get hit by them during a game. Because the gel ball is a water-soluble sphere, it will dissolve in water within seconds of being exposed to liquid! So if you happen to get shot with one be sure to run to a water source so that you can wash it off.

1. Watch Videos Of Other People Playing Gel Ball

Videos are a great way to learn how to play new games and sports! Videos can show you strategies that other players use and will help familiarize you with the game.

Gel ball videos can be found on Youtube or in gel ball online forums. You would want to watch people play gel ball from all different skill levels – this includes beginners, people who are average players, and experts.

Watching videos of gel balls can also give you an idea of what equipment would work for you – especially if you’re watching beginners play gel ball! You may want to take notes while watching videos about the guns that they use or the type of gear that they’re wearing so that when it comes time to purchase the equipment you’ll know what’s best.

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2. Find An Open Space To Practice In

Before you start playing gel ball it’s important to make sure that your play space is safe for the game! You’ll need an open field with enough room for players, and preferably some obstacles like trees or bushes.

When looking at a potential location watch out for soft grass, metal objects (like playground equipment), roots in the ground, rocks, and animal droppings.
You’ll want to make sure that you clean up your field before playing gel ball – this will ensure the safety of everyone who plays there afterward!

3. Buy A Set Of Gel Balls And Gel Blaster Ready For When You’re Feeling Adventurous

Hopefully, you’re now ready to start playing gel ball! When purchasing your equipment there are a few things that you’ll want to keep in mind.

The most important thing is the safety of yourself and other players – so make sure that all of your equipment is safe for use, especially when it comes to masks which should be inspected regularly.

You’ll also want to think about the style of your equipment – do you prefer a gel blaster that is powered by batteries or one that has a hose attached? Maybe you’d rather have a more lightweight gun for easy use!

4. Play With Friends! Gel Ball Is Best Enjoyed When Played With Others!

You’ve got your equipment and you know how to play gel ball – now it’s time to start playing!

Gel ball is best enjoyed when played with friends. When playing make sure that everyone is following the rules, and be aware of any safety hazards in the field (like rocks or branches).

Gel ball is a team game that can be played with teams of two or more people. When playing as a group try following the lead of other players on your team and communicate throughout games!

An Easy Guide To Learning How To Play Gel Ball
Image: Ferven Toys.

Feel free to check out some gel ball videos online, like those posted by Gel Ball Pros for tips and tricks about how to play gel ball. Most importantly, have fun!

Now that you know how to play gel ball you can start playing with others! If your friends don’t have equipment yet be sure to give them the link so that they can learn too!

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