Ramen Face Mask by Artist Takahiro Shibata

Up till now, we are pretty serious about face masks. Save for a couple of ‘fun’ varieties (like this and this), most of what we introduced here are, you know, rather run-of-the-mill face mask. Nothing head-turning or fun.

While having the image of your lower face (or somebody else’s) printed on a mask is fun, I am pretty sure it is not as hilarious as the Ramen Face Mask.

Ramen Face Mask by Artist Takahiro Shibata

Created by Japanese artist Takahiro Shibata, who is an animator by trade, the face mask looks like a bowl of ramen. Well, at least, half a bowl. The rest of the bowl is, presumably, shoved into the wearer’s face.

I guess, Shibata-san does share our sentiment of ‘if you are going wear a mask, why not make it fun’. And fun is the best word to describe this one-of-a-kind face mask.

Resembling a bowl of ramen is just half the fun. The other half of the fun is how the mask make a painful situation of wearing mask for a bespectacled person.

When worn by a person wearing glasses, the inevitable fogging up of glasses make the mask looks like a steaming, hot (half) bowl of ramen. Clever!

Images: Twitter (@line_piroshiki).

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Source: Laughing Squid.