I was a proud owner of a vehicle that had a head-up display built-into it. It was a big deal as that was a late 1980s coupe, but the insurance was a killer and the reason being? The car requires a front windscreen with special coating for the HUD to work and being an import, it kind of adds to the cost in the event of a replacement. Fast forward today, HUD is still not for everyone; it is reserved for a handful of expensive cars. Though there are third-party add-on solutions, they are not cheap either. Startup Hudway thinks it need not be the case. Their first product, called Hudway Glass, can turn your do-everything smartphone into a head-up display for your car.

Hudway Glass Head-up Display

First introduced at CeBIT 2015 in Hannover, Hudway Glass is, essentially, a plastic lens that your smartphone reflects on. But it is not just any plastic lens; it has a special multilayered glass coating that boost the reflective property, while not affecting the transparency so you can see the information as if they are on your windshield without obstructing your view of the road. The ‘glass’ has an aspheric shape, affording 20 percent larger image without distorting the image. The ‘glass’ is affixed on a non-slip platform, available as an angle-adjustable or a low profile version. Hudway Glass works with a variety of apps, including navigation and speedometer apps and the hardware itself can accommodate device as big as the iPhone 6 Plus.

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Hudway Glass Head-up Display can be pre-ordered from Kickstarter for $49, which will include a special HUD app for iOS or Android to get you started. The campaign is well over funded, which means you will be seeing this exciting new accessory for your car sometime in March 2016. Keep going to catch a video of the Hudway Glass in action.

Hudway Glass Head-up Display

Hudway Glass Head-up Display

Hudway Glass Head-up Display

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