Polaroid PL2500 Camera Drone

Ok, maybe the current Polaroid drone is a tad too toyish for your taste, but if you hold out a little longer, there’s a trio of new camera drones from the famed instant camera maker destined for US market offered by its authorized licensee, Abrim Enterprises, Inc. The three drones, namely, PL2500, PL2300, and PL1000, boasts features including HD cameras, 6-axis gyroscope flight stabilization system, multiple flight speeds, altitude hold, headless mode, dedicated 2.4GHz remote controller, live stream video, up to 200 feet ceiling, up to 15 minutes of flight time, auto return home, and 360-degree flip capable – all in a ready-to-fly package.

Polaroid PL2300 Camera Drone
Top: Polaroid PL2500 Camera Drone; Above: Polaroid PL2300 Camera Drone

Depending on the model you chose, it could record up to 1080p coupled with live video stream to a smartphone or tablet. Granted, Abrim’s offerings are in no way competitions to established, “pro-grade” rigs like those coming from Yuneec or DJI, but hey, they are Polaroid, aren’t they? And so… there should be some kind of standards as compared to those tom, dick and harry makes, right? Maybe… Now, what Polaroid, and whoever its authorized licensee is, need to do is to incorporate 3×4 instant photography into a drone and if that happens, that would be totally rad.

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For now, the new PLs are what you can expect from Polaroid, but before you rush to hit up Polaroid website, you have to know that no pricing or availability has been disclosed. However, those who were at Polaroid booth at this year’s CES in Vegas may have some clue. If you are one of them, would you be kind enough to drop up some hints?

Polaroid PL1000 Camera Drone
Polaroid PL1000 Camera Drone

Images: Polaroid.