Cantata Music Center – USB-based Digital Audio Converter

Resolution Audio Cantata Music Center 900x515px
(photos: Cantata) The Cantata Music Center | £6,000.00 |

mention Music Center, you probably think it is a place where music performances are held but not in this case, as this Cantata Music Center is a pure bred music center for your home and it is certainly looking drool worthy, well, except for its asking price which is a whopping £6,000 (or about US$9,670). for this princely sum, you get a in-built slot-load CD player and capability to play music off your network storage system (NAS), or an uncompressed iTunes library stored on a Mac or Windows computer. other highlights include Ethernet link for iTunes via the Resolution Audio Pont Neuf, digital S/PDIF inputs that include AES/EBU, RCA, as well as Toslink, XLR and RCA outputs, and remote control interface for iPhone/iPod Touch via its Cantata App. all these digital-age audiophile’s goodies, wrapped in one sleek package that would make any style-conscious music connoisseur drool.
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Resolution Audio via Uncrate

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