the Volvo Concept XC Coupe you see here is the second of the three concept cars that the Swedish automaker will be introducing based on the firm’s new Scalable Product Architecture (SPA). at a glance, it does look a little like the Concept Coupe, albeit on a slightly ‘fuller’ side, thanks to the larger 21-inch wheels, the more accentuated wheel-arches and a taller roofline. we don’t know about the rest, but we are definitely digging the elegant-cross-rugged look (i.e. the jacked up sport car look, like the Audi Nanuk Quattro Concept). though, we thought it could use a little ‘sharper’ look for this crossover concept. anyway, the design of the Concept XC Coupe is said to be inspired by Swedish high-tech protective gear maker POC, which results in a styling with orange details and matter rubber moldings.

interestingly, Volvo also took this opportunity to give the traditional SUV elements, such as the side moldings and skid plates, a modern spin; these elements are now more integrated into the vehicle’s sleek body. it looks a little weird initially, but as we look at the images more, it kind of grows on you. also featured on this two-door, four-seater concept is the T-shaped DRL lights (also found in the concept coupe), along with the new topography on the bonnet and the ‘floating’ grille. at this point, this is as much as we know about this beautiful concept, which means we have no details on what goes under the hood, however, from the scattered hints we gathered from the images, it would most certainly be a plug-in hybrid.

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more light should be shed on it when it hits the show floor of the Detroit Auto Show next week. in the mean time, you can spend sometime to ogle over some awesome images that we have prepared for you in the image gallery below and while you are there, you might want to check out a teaser video too.

p.s. apparently, it will have some surround radar and 36-degree camera system that will cover part of the safety aspect. beyond that, we are just as clueless.

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