India Farting Competition

Well, what can we say? The world is getting weirder by the day. First, we heard about Russia’s butt slapping contest. Then, we were blown away by Finland’s heavy metal knitting. Now, we hear that there is going to be farting competition in India. Like, WTF.

Oh, wait. ‘WTF’ is literally what the competition name is, but it is nothing vulgar; ‘WTF’ here stands for, as you may have already guessed it, What The Fart. Cheeky. Regardless of what WTF means in this context, it did make us go like what the f*@k. LoL!

So, why a farting contest? Well, the goal is simple: it aims to “normalized” flatulence, so that we shouldn’t feel ashamed about it. Well, I guess we do have to NOT to feel embarrassed about passing gas, after all, an average person is said to break wind 5-15 times a day.

India Farting Competition

One Surat, Gujarat resident in India, Sangoi, was hit the light bulb moment when on day, he broke wind so loudly that it made his family laughed. That prompted him to think, if there was ever a farting competition, he would totally be the winner.

On a more serious note, Sangoi is on a mission. A mission to make farting great again, well, kind of. He hope the competition would change the public’s perception of farting. Sangoi, together with a fellow resident, Sangyvi, set out to get this weird competition off the ground.

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The duo planned to reward contestants with cash prizes of between 5,000 and 15,000 rupees (around US$70-210) to winner of each category. Wait. There are categories? Well, apparently, the duo is pro when it comes to embracing the art of farting. All told, there are three categories: the longest fart, the loudest fart and the strongest fart.

We applaud the duo’s commitment and professionalism. Strange that it does not has a “smelliest fart” category. I guess, you can’t have that cos’ the sense of smell differs from individual to individual. It would be like judging synchronized swimming.

Anyways, now you know. Farting competition is a thing and in case you are wondering, it did happened. Unfortunately, it did not turn out as expected.

Images: What The Fart/Sangoi.

Source: World Of Buzz.