Motorized Smart PET Bottle Opens the Cap with a Smartphone

Motorized PET Bottle Lets You Uncap The Bottle With A Smartphone App

Japanese maker of electric motors for various consumer products, Nidec Corporation, has came up with an interesting promotional video that peddles a supposed Motorized Smart PET Bottle. Now, by the product name alone, you will be clueless about how ‘smart’ the bottle is, or what it actually does. So allow me to introduce you to its function: it will let you unscrew a capped PET bottle using your smartphone. It connects to your smartphone via WiFi while an app allows you to unscrew the special cap from the bottle without you physically touching the bottle.

The bottle is, obviously, no ordinary PET bottle. As you can see, it has a rather clunky device attached at the upper section. This clunky thing is where the magic happens. It has WiFi module to enable communication with your smartphone and there is, of course, Nidec motor which powers a bunch gears and cogs that will unscrew the special geared cap and pop it right up, so you could start quenching your thirst in a high-tech manner. But this ain’t no lazy man contraption; it is actually a project by Nidec that explores what its motor can be applied to in a way never before done.

As proven by the video below, the company is indeed versatile. It is so versatile that it can even pop a screw cap bottle and as the video suggests, make you look cool doing it. All said and done, it is also quite clear that this is not something you can buy now or in the future because it is beyond ridiculous. I mean, seriously, who wants such a convenience when one will end up with a rather cumbersome bottle and having the need to pick up the cap from the floor every time after a gulp? Then again, this being a Japanese invention, Nidec could prove me wrong.

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Images: YouTube video screengrab.

YouTube via Oh Gizmo!.