While you can’t get naked everywhere, your feet actually can. No, wait. Actually you can’t, not because the society frowns upon it, but your feet will likely suffer from cuts, unpleasant painful sensation if you stepped on pointy debris, and that’s not to mention potential bacteria waiting to jump on any open wound on your soles. Not exactly a barefoot experience anyone has hoped for. But that changes with Nakefit Hypoallergenic Adhesive Pad. As the product name suggests, Nakefit is a hypoallergenic pad, a very thin one actually, that you stick to your soles, so you’d get the sensation of roaming around barefooted without having to worry about hot pavements (or sands), potential skin-punctuating pointy objects, and nasty water-borne bacteria or fungi.

Nakefit Hypoallergenic Adhesive Pad

It is anti-slip and waterproof, so it is perfectly suited for horsing around poolside without the risk of slipping and it is totally elastic, conforming to the contour of your soles to ensure a glove-like fit so you won’t feel awkward and loses the sense of going barefoot. Finally, it is, of course, cut-resistant and thereby eliminating band-aids from the equation when going barefooted. According to the pitch video, Nakefit will let you hop around rocky surfaces too. However, we cannot be sure if you will feel the tingle of the sometime sharp rock surfaces.

Nakefit Hypoallergenic Adhesive Pad

Available in black, pink and light blue, Nakefit can be found on Kickstarter where you can pre-order it for 30 euros (about US$34) per pack. Each pack comprises of 10 pairs of Nakefit. Why ten pairs you asked? Well, each pair is meant for one-time use, but its creator, an Italian outfit assures that each pair is good for 24-hour period. Still, at 3 euros (roughly US$3.30) a pair, it is kind of pricey for an disposable footwear. Therefore, Nakefit is unlikely to be your choice of daily wear. I’d say it is good for times when you are hitting the beach, pool, or when you feel like exploring places barefooted. Go ahead and learn more about this quirky and cool footwear in the video below.

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Images: Nakefit.

Kickstarter via Dude.

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