The 10-Foot Realistic Dragon Kite

Ever dreamed of owning a dragon as a pet? Sadly, dragon is a mythical creature that does not exist. At least, it does not exist in this world where hunk of metals ply the skies. The truth can be quite cruel, but thanks to men’s ingenuity, owning a pet dragon is not impossible. No. It does not involve mosquito in amber. Instead, it is a kite, a pretty damn realistic 10-foot Dragon Kite.

As the product name implies, this thing is enormous. It has a wingspan that stretches 10 feet (3 meters) across (that’s almost as big as a small car!) and it is composed of fiberglass frame with ripstop polyester, and comes in striking colors impart to it through dye-sublimation, giving it a stunning realistic three-dimensional depth across the entire beast.

The 10-Foot Realistic Dragon Kite

Unlike the imaginary dragon that you rein it in by the neck, this kite version has tethers that attached to the four limbs, chest, and abdomen that terminates into a single 50-pound test polyster control line that has enough length to let you get it up to an astounding 500 feet (152 meters!). Purple streamers on its impressively long tail and wing tips promote flight stability.

Basically, it has everything you expect from a dragon (and a kite). Well, everything except for the menacing scream and also, it does not and will not breath fire. I guess this makes this 10-Foot Realistic Dragon Kite the safest dragon ever? Maybe. If you ever find yourself in need of a ‘dragon’ that breathes fire, there is always the RC version to turn to. If not, this $129.95 kite-version should be enough to satisfy your need for a pet dragon and wow the crowd.

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Images: Hammacher Schlemmer.

Source: Technabob.