Marvel Spider-Man Gets New Costume

I decided to add this to today’s posts because, it was a rude shock to me. Yeah, yeah, it is a brand new costume for the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man and it shouldn’t be all that shocking. But, but… it looked nothing resembling the good’ol Spidey’s, IMHO.

Sure, the web slinger have had countless variants of costume over the years. But seriously, none really stray far from the original concept and color choices. It has always been spandex-style suit in combination of two or more colors including red, blue, black, and perhaps a teeny weeny bit of white.

Marvel Spider-Man Gets New Costume

But this one though, it is entirely different. It is predominately white and blue, with yellow decorations that has red trims. And it appears to have armored padding and high-tech eyepieces. Not sure expressive eyes are in order though. The latter is one of the classic of Spider-Man. Seriously, I can’t say I am receptive of this new costume. It felt like… less imposing and mysterious. In fact, I think it has the G.I. Joe vibe to it.

Marvel has revealed the first look at the replacement costume that will debut in Amazing Spider-Man #62 by Nick Spencer (writer) and Patrick Gleason (artwork), which will drop in March 2021. So, what do you think? Are you for or against this new costume of everyone’s favorite neighborhood superhero?

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Images: Marvel.

Source: io9.