Boston Dynamics Robots Danced To 60s Song

If you haven’t been keeping up with Boston Dynamics’ development… Hyundai has, earlier this month, became the third owner of the company. Also, the agility of the family of robots from the robotic company, namely Atlas, Spot and Handle, is mind-blowing.

Boston Dynamics Robots Danced To 60s Song

You have already seen how agile the bipedal Atlas is in a couple of parkour videos, but its agility is truly exemplified when it, along with Spot and the ostrich-like box-stacking Handle, dances to The Contours’ Do You Love Me. Seriously, you have to see it to believe the agility of these robots.

There’s no doubt Atlas is the star (or stars, as there was a pair) of the video because, it is a god damn bipedal robot and it pulled off the dance better than some humans do (looking myself in the mirror). Atlas has certainly come a long way since letting himself out of the door. Anywho, keep going for this absolutely lovely, wet dream for robot nerds, video.

Images: YouTube (Boston Dynamics).

Hat Tip: Engadget.