The year 2020 is one hell of a ride. If you are reading this, well then, congratulation, you have made it through 2020. However, I am not sure if you want to be reminded of this terrible year. If you want, then this 2020 commemorative coin, dubbed A.D. 2020: This Is Fine, by product design studio and game publisher Antsy Lab is for you.

2020 Commemorative Coin by Antsy Labs

The coin is available in a limited 3-day Kickstarter campaign where you can secure one for just US$7. The stand you see in the images here are optional add-on, along with a couple of other add-ons.

This relic-vibe coin is emblazoned with icons of the major lowlights in 2020, including the worst Australian wildfires in modern history, giant murder hornets that threaten America’s bee population, (possibly) the most immature election in history of mankind, and the great toilet paper crisis ignited by the mother of all supervillain of 2020, the novel coronavirus aka SARS-CoV-2 aka COVID-19, and it resultant: face mask.

2020 Commemorative Coin by Antsy Labs

I am not sure if these unfortunate events are something we want to remember at all. Then again, we should all remember they happened because, they will serve as grim reminder that things could go even further south and we ought to be prepared for it.

If you want the A.D. 2020: This Is Fine commemorative coin, you ought to act on it now because, the clock is ticking. The campaign has just 30 hours before it ends. And yes, the campaign is fully funded. Over 2,00 backers have contributed more than US$50,000 at the time of this post.

2020 Commemorative Coin by Antsy Labs

Images: Antsy Labs.

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