Omnicharge Power Station Line Leasing Program

A resilient company is not big companies like Apple or Samsung. It is small-to-medium size company that adapts to the current business and social environment. Omnicharge is one such companies.

Omnicharge Power Station Line Leasing Program

You may remember Omnicharge for the super sleek and then-powerful power banks. Good news is, it is still going strong because, the company knows how to adapt. The Omnicharge Power Station Line Leasing Program is an example of how the company adapts to the pandemic.

Understanding that social distancing in office environments are almost impossible without major overhaul to the office’s electrical layout, the Omnicharge has introduced a leasing program of its Omni Power Station.

Omnicharge Power Station Line Leasing Program

Power Station, for those who don’t already know, is basically a charging station for several of Omni 20+ power banks.

Each Omni is armed with a universal AC wall outlet, a laptop-grade USB-C port, and wireless charging surface, it will allow electricity-dependent gadgets to be powered up without being near to a wall outlet.

It is a simple and elegant solution that allows employees to stay apart in an office environment and at the same, having an outlet without rewiring the entire office. Here’s how:

Sure, companies can choose to buy their own batteries. But any asset will eventually need to be amortized and that means cost. Plus, batteries don’t last forever, especially under heavy use like an office. Therefore the leasing program offers an attractive, scalable, and even future-proof solution that won’t burden on the company’s finance.

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It is an interesting pitch that companies may want to consider moving forward. You may learn more at

All images courtesy of Omnicharge/Jonathan Velasquez.