Ta Qu Sex Doll Sharing Services

By now, you should have already known that China have made a name for itself for sharing services. Virtually everything can be shared, including basketballs, stools, umbrella, and the obvious like luxury cars and bicycles, but now, a Beijing-based startup has taken the sharing economy into a new era with sex dolls sharing. Yes, really! Sex doll sharing is a thing now, in China. Just when you thought there aren’t any more things the Chinese people could shared, Ta Qu (literally translates to ‘his pleasure’ and when pronounced sound a lot like the English word ‘touch’) thought that renting sex dolls will be a hit as opposed to the usual full ownership. After all, who would want to bang the same chick over and over again, right? Silicone or not. Pfff.

The app, which was launched in 2015, was originally meant to serve as a platform to facilitate discussion on the birds and the bees, but you know, all take and no action is perhaps little too mundane for the fast developing giant of the East with a critical gender imbalance and thus, the app have since progressed, in a logical manner, into a sex doll sharing app. Btw, if you are still in a surreal state of wondering what is happening right here, let me assure that this is not a joke or some marketing stunt by an adult toy company. As crazy as it may sound, this is a real deal and to reaffirm our statement, here’s the pricing which you may wish to know for, you know, ‘research purpose’.

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Ta Qu Sex Doll Sharing Services
What’s your poison?

According to a report, it will run you back at 298 RMB per day, or if a day of banging silicone replica of “Greek bikini model,” “US Wonder Woman,” “Korean housewife,” “Russian teenager,” or “Hong Kong race car queen,” hardly satisfy your thirst for sex, you can get it for the entire week in exchange for 1,298 RMB of your very hard-earned money. Beyond the different models you can choose, customers can go beyond and above by customizing the dolls based on their fancy, such as choosing the hair and eye color, and of course, outfits. Not sure if you can choose the breast size though.

Understanding that sharing silicone partner may turn off some hygiene-conscious sex-starve folks, the company is quick to reassure users that it has high standards of hygiene, well, at least it will be when it comes to the highlight of the doll: the lower region. This include changing the dolls’ lower parts after each customer have a go with it. Duh. In case you are still thinking the company is trying to pull off a good one here, then perhaps dropping 20,000 free condoms and mustering several pop-up stores around Beijing as part of the promotion should be a show of how serious Ta Qu is about this new, outlandish sharing services.

Ta Qu Sex Doll Sharing Services

Images and source: Shanghaiist.