New iPhone or not, it does not excite me anymore. If there’s no breakthrough in technology and/or design, it is no different from the horde of Android devices out there. Don’t tell me how gorgeous the phone is or the exquisite materials because, at the end of the day, 9 out of 10 people would shove it into a case, hiding it beauty. Fact.

That is not to say leaks and rumors are not exciting, though, because, some part of me still hope something radical will come out of the new devices. Well, I guess that hope is kind of dashed if the renders by OnLeaks and CashKaro are to believe.

Renders And Video of Apple iPhone XI

Anyways, long story short, the supposed iPhone XI will have a triple camera lay out in an odd triangular arrangement, sports a metal frame with a one-piece glass back that include the camera bump, and it will have a new Ring/Silent switch much like the one found on an iPad. Also, it looks like Apple will be sticking to Lightning connector and not USB-C at this point.

Renders And Video of Apple iPhone XI

The triple camera is expected on both the 5.8-inch iPhone XI and 6.5-inch iPhone XI Max, and yes, the “lovely” notch is still present, unfortunately. Well, that’s about it for now. So, do I find it a beauty? A big ’no’ is my response. At this point, smartphone design in general (aesthetically-speaking, that is), is rudimentary at best.

Like I have said, why bother to say how good the phone exterior is when most people would be slipping it into a case? Come up with phone that can absolutely do without a case and/or screen protector and we will talk about how good any given phone is. Come on Apple, I am sure with your R&D prowess, you guys can come up with an anti-case phone.

Renders And Video of Apple iPhone XI

Quit going back to your archives for inspiration and also, stop coming up with bizarre design choices. The triangular arrangement of the camera is absolutely a wanker. So are the notch and the camera bump. The latter is what I see as the worst phone design choice ever. But it will soon to be overtaken by the wacky camera arrangement.

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Continue reading to find a 360-degree video render of the supposed iPhone XI, courtesy of CashKaro.

All images courtesy of CashKaro.

Source: CashKaro via Twitter (@BenGeskin).

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