portable Bluetooth speakers are a dime a dozen, but one that also lets you dock your smartphone and turn it into one neat portable package is far and few between. anyway, if you in the market for one such speaker, the Filowz Sonomad Portable Bluetooth Speaker might just be the speaker worthy of your consideration. on the spec sheet, the electronic innards that made up the audio reproduction looks pretty impressive with a pair of 3-inch full-range drivers “in bass reflex configuration”, bolstered by a class D amplifier with digital signal optimization. it has an onboard lithium polymer battery, good for 20 hours of playback and recharges using the included power adapter.

wireless connectivity to your smartphone is via Bluetooth (albeit just 2.1 technology), but two audio jacks – one input and one output – are in place catering to non-Bluetooth sources and also for daisy chaining with another Sonomad to create an expansive soundstage. there is also a 5V USB port which is a designated charging port for your USB-powered mobile device. now, almost anyone can make a Bluetooth speaker, but what really made the Sonomad Portable Bluetooth Speaker shines is the built-in compartment for holding your smartphone that is seamlessly integrated into the speaker. this compartment has a cradle that holds up to 3-inch wide handset, thus allowing you to safely stow away your smartphone while it is spinning the tunes. it can be flipped over to expose the smartphone for times where you need to view the display or need a quick control over your music.

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the Sonomad basically turns your smartphone into retro-inspired, portable stereo speaker complete with retractable carry handle and shoulder strap for convenient carrying. the Filowz Sonomad Portable Bluetooth Speaker is on a fixed funding campaign on Indiegogo, where you can help make this beautiful portable Bluetooth speaker a reality by backing this project. prices start from $339 for early backers (limited to 99 units). hit the jump for a pitch video to learn more.

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