most of us, geeks or not, are just a curious bunch and we never fail to have the “how it works in” at the back of our mind and that question often extend to our body. while you can’t buy a CAT or X-Ray machine to delve into the inner workings of the body, there exists an open source solution for you to find out more on what your brain does and that solution is none other than the OpenBCI: Open Source Brain-Computer Interface. so what the heck is Open Source Brain-Computer Interface? it is essentially a Bluetooth-enabled, Arduino-compatible platform with 8-channel EEG that opens up access to high-quality, raw EEG (Electroencephalography) data.

yes. brainwave data. for non-researchers. this means you now could have access to your brainwave and sees what how it reacts in relation to a particular activity. so now, digging into what a brain does is no longer an exclusive domain of neuroscientists anymore. anyone with few hundred bucks can have access to this technology, albeit a little on the geeky side, and use them in applications like sleep research, education, creative art, developing brain-controlled games and more. if you have been wondering all this while what makes mind-controlled devices such as the MindWave ticks, the Open Source Brain-Computer Interface might just be a good place to start.

the folks behind OpenBCI: Open Source Brain-Computer Interface, Joel Murphy and Connor Russomanno, has taken this bold endeavor to crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and have since surpassed their set funding goal of 100k. speaking of which, you can secure yourself the OpenBCI kit for just $299 and up, but don’t procrastinate for too long, cos’ it has only 9 days left on the clock. check out an informative pitch video after the break to learn more.

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