The funny thing with technology is, it seems like the more advanced we get, the more things with have to bring with us. I mean, most people would have a laptop, smartphone, smartwatch, tablet et cetera and that didn’t help when laptops like MacBook Pro has limited ports which result in users having bring extras like card reader, USB hub and whatnot. And that’s not forgetting backup battery packs to keep these gadgets happy. That sounds like awful of things to bring along if need all those things. This is where iMate by GrenoPlus aims to solve.

iMate Storage and Charging Dock

iMate won’t magically rolled all devices into one, but it will, however, save you from carrying multiple chargers, sees to your storage needs and at the same time, offers you more than ports than your MacBook Pro could. In short, iMate charges and syncs just about every gadgets you may have, including MacBook, iPhone, iPad, and even Apple Watch, all at the same time. It is not much larger than an iPhone X, but boy is this thing well equipped. It has a 4K Ultra HD capable HDMI port, a SD card reader, two USB ports, USB Type-C PD fast charge port, and a nifty Apple Watch charging pad that pops up at touch and stow away inconspicuously when you don’t need it.

iMate Storage and Charging Dock

As you can see, iMate is almost like mother of all charging device/dock. The only things it lacks are built-in storage and powerbank functionality. GrenoPlus has taken to Indiegogo to promote iMate where you will be able to pre-order the device at a discount price, ranging from $99-129, depending on how soon you act on it. It is on flexible goal, so whether or not if it hits it set goal of $20K, your order(s) will be fulfilled. Targeted delivery is September 2018.

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iMate Storage and Charging Dock

iMate Storage and Charging Dock

Images courtesy of GrenoPlus.

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