AKG K 840 KL Wireless Headphones

AKG K 840 KL Wireless Headphones
(photos: AKG) AKG K 840 KL Wireless Headphones | US$299.95 | www.akg.com

using a pair of headphones suppose to give you a little more privacy and perhaps, sparing others from the agony of your loud AC/DC tunes. however, a problem has plagued headphone users since the beginning of time: the cable. even with the development of tangle-free cable, we never really get away with the problem cos’ a cable will still be a cable and it is a hindrance to our freedom of movement. this is where a pair of wireless headphones makes music enjoyment a bliss – especially when the headphone in question promised to deliver lossless streaming. meet the AKG K 840 KL Wireless Headphones. it is a pair of beautifully crafted wireless headphones that employs advanced Kleer wireless technology to stream uncompressed 16-bit stereo audio over a robust 2.4 GHz radio link from your iPod, iPhone or any other portable music player. all you have to do is to plug in the accompanying transmitter to your source’s 3.5mm audio headphone jack and you are all set. though having to strap a fairly large transmitter to you compact player isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but i guess we can live with that for as long as with don’t have to deal with any cable. the K 840 KL has an operating range of more than 20 meters (65 feet) and a battery life of up to two weeks under normal usage. of course, such freedom doesn’t come cheap. expect to shell out a good $299.95 for a pair. check out a gallery of the AKG K840 KL Wireless Headphones after the break.

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