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Ilott Vintage Cameras Canonet QL17 Mansonia
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when it comes to vintage cameras (i.e. cameras that use films), there are two camps: one that prefer its original look and couldn’t care less if it is even working or not, and those who want it to be working and looking cool. if you belongs to the latter group, then the Ilott Vintage Cameras are for you. with a little bit of bank account-crunching splurging, you could snag yourself a vintage rangefinder camera hailed from the 50s or 60s that is faithfully restored to its working condition and with the added aesthetic bonus of the its original, worn leather being replaced by nature-embracing wood veneer. current models offered include Canonet QL17, Konica Auto S2 and Argus C3. however, as we have mentioned earlier, such beauty does come with a princely sum of $1,850 and up. unfortunately, the cheapest of the lot, the Canon QL17 in Mahogany (costing $1,725) has sold out. the price tags may be shocking to some but i am sure getting a vintage that is so beautiful and yet, still functioning sure beats having a dusty old vintage shooter that does nothing than sitting in your display cabinet. don’t you think so? check out a few more look after the break.

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  1. A Canonet is a nice little rangefinder, but you can get a decent working one for pretty cheap, and no amount of restoration is going to make it worth $1700.

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