RumbaTime Perry GO Watch

RumbaTime Perry GO Watch
(photos: RumbaTime) RumbaTime Perry GO Watch | US$50.00 |

RumbaTime Perry GO Watch may looks like just any other regular watches but they actually does more than just telling time. in fact, it is your answer to traveling light and also an attempt to get rid of your wallet the next time you set off for your night out or go for a jog in the park. beyond its 42mm plastic case with stainless steel back and the fairly regular dial face with luminescent hands, the watch comes with an unique 8-digit VITAnumber (free for the first year, $9.95 per year thereafter) that can be use for contactless payment. once registered, user will receive a VISA contactless payment card (in 5-7 business days) where it will slip into the silicone sleeve on the wrist band and you will be waving your wrist to make payment over thousands of locations. yes, i know what you are thinking. having that little payment wonder on the wrist band seems a little lame but hey, it is a start, isn’t it? besides, the watch will only cost you 50 bucks. what more can you ask for? click through for a few more look.

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