vintage VDB Nordic Nightmare Dive Watch

(image: VDB) VDB Nordic Nightmare Dive Watch | US$tba |

when it comes to wrist watch, bigger dial face lures us most and that said, the VDB Nordic Nightmare is just one of those that caught our eyes the minute we saw it. despite being oddly named (nightmare?), we find its minimalist design particularly attractive and adding to that draw is its huge 51mm stainless steel vintage PVD coated case that sets our heart fluttering. details are pretty scant as it is but what we do know is, it has a plexi-glass crystal, a 5-minute rotational bezel, illuminated hands and markings, and it is powered by the trusty IWC vintage movement. as for the price, it is still something of a mystery to us as well (assuming it still can be bought) but in the meantime, we do have some lovely images for your viewing pleasure after the break.

VDB via The Fancy via OceanTime

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