Ridekick turns any pedal bike into an electric bike [video]

Ridekick Power Trailer
Ridekick Power Trailer | US$699.00 | www.ridekick.com

pedaling your way to your local convenience store is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint but then, you’d be doing it at the expense of aching legs. if you are one that doesn’t enjoy that excruciating process, perhaps you should consider turning to electric bicycle. then again, it might just be too hard to part with your trusty bike and that’s where the Ridekick Power Trailer comes in. as the name suggest, it is a trailer that fits easily to virtually any bike and bestow it with a little boost of electric power, hustling it along so you don’t have to exhaust yourself out pedaling. thanks to its built-in 500 watt electric motor and a 12 amp-hour rechargeable battery, it can fully propel your bike up to 19 mph with a range of up to 12 miles. as for those who are adamant about pedaling, the same motor also helps to augment your pedaling, which should comes in handy when scaling up slopes and at the same time, let you look a little less like a sissy.

a handle-mounted throttle control allows user to vary the speed. and that’s not all; its weather resistant storage case still has room for a briefcase or bags of groceries and a combination lock ensure your stuff will be safe from potential thief. last but not least, it has a pretty sleek look to it, well… at least, a little more macho as compared to front-mounted girly baskets. don’t you think so? totally sold by the Ridekick Power Trailer? then be prepared to shell out $699 for one. frankly, it is not cheap but perhaps thinking of it as getting an electric bicycle with a cool utility box, plus the bonus of retaining your old ride that you are so fond of, should ease your fear of putting down your hard earn dough on one. head past the jump for a few more look and a video of the Ridekick Power Trailer.

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