Why should SUVs look like one that does grocery run and dropping kids at soccer practice? If every SUV looks the Toyota RAV-4 Rally Car Concept, perhaps more men will be inclined getting behind the wheel of one (and even volunteering for anything that requires him to drive the car).

Dreamed up by self-taught concept artist, Khyzyl Saleem, the Toyota RAV-4 Rally Car Concept started out as a Pre-Runner, but slowly evolved into what you see before you.

Toyota RAV-4 Rally Car Concept by Khyzyl Saleem

No details were provided, but as you can see, the renders pretty much say it all: flared wheeled arches, angular and bulging carbon fiber front end, air scoops, billet/deep dish wheels wrapped in wide knobby tires, pronounced front splitter, carbon fiber A and B pillars with carbon fiber roof, and roof rack with a bank of blinding LED lights.

Perhaps this Toyota RAV-4 Rally Car Concept is more of Dakar Rally race car than a conventional rally car. But who the hell cares? It look awesome either way and one should be able to turn their RAV-4 looking like this.

Images: Instagram (the_kyza).

Source: Uncrate.

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