I am sure you have heard the news about China’s Chang’e 5 landing on the Moon earlier this month. To celebrate the country’s latest lunar exploration, McDonald’s China has partnered with China’s Lunar and Deep Space Exploration (CLEP) to release CLEP x McDonald’s Moon Mission Series capsule collection.

CLEP x McDonald’s Moon Mission Series

All told, there are 6 items in the CLEP x McDonald’s Moon Mission capsule collection, including two CLEP “space suits” jackets in blue and white, a CLEP “space hat” (which is basically a fishing hat), a diamond studded “planet” bag, CLEP t-shirt and a CLEP hoodie. These pieces are designed by China’s independent fashion design studio, ChenPeng Studio.

In addition to the 6 commemorative items, there are also limited edition “Moon Exploration Gear” gift boxes. The gift boxes, which are limited to just 100 sets, feature a “Space Box” design, each numbered and comes with a customized name plate.

Inside this “Space Box”, it contains adult and kid jackets, “Space” hat, “Planet” bag, and a “Chinese Lunar Exploration Dreamer” certificate issued by CLEP. Additionally, the box also comes with badges for children.

The badge features classic McDonald’s images, like Happy Meals, Soft Serve, French Fries, and Hamburgers, expressed in children’s painting. The idea is to allow users to add them to the series’ apparels to introduce a fashionable and yet kiddish touch.

CLEP x McDonald’s Moon Mission Series

CLEP x McDonald’s Moon Mission Series capsule collection and the 100 sets of limited “Moon Exploration Gear” gift boxes was launched on November 16, 2020, exclusively on McDonald’s WeChat applet iMcDonald’s.

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They do not come cheap, though. The “Moon Exploration Gear” costs a whopping 10,000 yuan (around US$1,531) and when we found out about it late last month, they were all spoken for.

We do not know the prices of the individual items. WeChat’s location prevented us from checking it out. Then again, it was launched mid last month and it is likely that they are all sold out. However, we heard that the so-called “Planet” bag thingy, cost a cool 3,999 RMB (about US$612).

Anyhoo.. back to the lunar mission… words had it that Change’e 5 has already pick up rock and soil sample and it have since ascended, and docked with the orbiter. If successful return to Earth, China will become the third country to bring back lunar samples. The last successful lunar sample return mission was by the Soviet Union’s Luna 24 mission in 1976.

Images: Weibo (McDonald’s China) [CH].

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