Time really does fly. It felt like it was just yesterday when we learned about the first of the 12 Dr. Martens Remastered 1460 boots. In between, we have seen the likes of Medicom Toy, Yohji Yamamoto varieties and more.

Dr. Martens x Mastermind World 1460 Remastered

We have missed quite a number. Don’t ask why. We just missed. No excuses. Anyhoo… now that we are on the final leg of 2020, we are seeing the last of it.

The final pair is a collaboration between the British shoe maker and Mastermind World. Mastermind World is a cult Japanese streetwear brand and a sub-brand of Masaaki Homma’s Mastermind Japan.

Dr. Martens x Mastermind World 1460 Remastered

The brand is most recognizable for its skull motif, which not surprisingly, is found on this final Remastered 1460 boots.

Mastermind World has been closely associated with punk movement and so is Dr. Martens, and therefore, the Dr. Martens x Mastermind World 1460 Remastered couldn’t be a more fitting collaborative product.

Dr. Martens x Mastermind World 1460 Remastered

In addition to the signature 1460’s black leather construction, iconic yellow welt stitching, and black and yellow hell loop, you will find Mastermind World’s touches in the form of the said skull motif on the lateral side collar and heel, as well as skull-branded dog tag, a jungle-zip on the front with a Mastermind World-branded zipper pull, nickel trims and a medial-side zip.

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The Dr. Martens x Mastermind World 1460 Remastered is set to drop on December 12, 2020, on www.drmartens.com and at select retailers worldwide. Pricing is TBA. But never mind the pricing. Expect it to fly off the shelves like the previous 11 pairs.

Speaking of which, here’s a recap of all 11 pairs:

Images and source: Hypebeast.

Additional images: Dr. Martens [UK].

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