Toyota RAV-4 Rally Car Concept Dreamed Up By Khyzyl Will Make Any SUV Look Bland

Why should SUVs look like one that does grocery run and dropping kids at soccer practice? If every SUV looks the Toyota RAV-4 Rally Car Concept, perhaps more men will be inclined getting behind the wheel of one (and even volunteering for anything that requires him to drive the car).

Man, I Just Can’t Get This Porsche Raw 964 Concept Out Of My Head

I bet the name Porsche 964 will leave non-enthusiast in confusion. Wait. Porsche had a 964? Yes. It did. And if you think it looked suspiciously like a 911, well, that is because it was in fact a 911. As matter of fact, Porsche 964 was the company’s internal name for the Porsche 911 made …