Aquabotix HydroView

Aquabotix HydroView ROV
we don’t usually feature unmanned sea vehicles here much, mainly because they carry a ‘research-grade’ price tag. if you know what i mean. nevertheless, if you are an aspiring marine researcher or just curious about what goes under the deep blue sea, you can always grab yourself the Aquabotix HydroView, a Remotely Operated Vehicle or ROV that cost a fraction of what a real-deal, professional ROV would have cost and still allowing you to carry out your underwater exploration without getting yourself wet. this remote controlled underwater vehicle is capable of HD video and still imaging, and stream them to your iPad (or iPhone, Android device or laptop) that also controls it. other features include LED headlights, maximum speed of 5 knots forward and 1 knot reverse, standard 75-foot cable (with option for 150-foot and 300-foot cables), topside box with WiFi (necessary for controlling with iPad), a run time of two hours in between charges and it comes with a waterproof carrying case. the Aquabotix HydroView can be yours to own for just $3,995 each. another look and a short video clip after the break.

Aquabotix via Engadget

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