M55 Terminus Luxury Electric Bicycles

M55 Terminus Luxury Electric Bicycles
M55 Terminus Luxury Electric Bicycles | from US$37,600.00 | www.m55-bike.com

electric bikes may not have taken off very well but that shouldn’t stop you from splurging on one, especially when it is blinged to its worldly possible indulgence. meet the M55 Terminus Royal Edition and the Terminus Prime Edition luxury electric bicycles, a pair of e-bikes that which you, the buyer, can choose to bling out with a choice of Swarovski crystals, diamonds, and gold. though we have to highlight that the e-bikes in this case, is not really powered bike as we usually perceived but rather, the onboard electric motor merely assist you in your pedaling action or better put, it is more like a power-assist system. setting the two models apart is the luxurious treatment offered: the Terminus Royal is adorned with Swarovski crystals, and a choice of precious stones (diamonds, included), along with a choice of either gold or silver carbon textures and carbon fiber components, while the Terminus Prime will be offered with virtually anything you can dream up of. lavish look aside, these e-bikes feature aluminum and titanium construction, and a choice of electric motors, that ranges from basic 240 watts to the top-of-the-range 1,500 watts unit. if you have a burgeoning bank account and an insatiable appetite to show off your wealth, the Terminus might just be the ride that you are looking for but be forewarned that such extravagant ride has a starting price tag of $37,600. wow – a price worthy of a full-time security tagging along whenever you hit the hills, or wherever. pedal past the jump for some closer look.

M55 via Inhabitat

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