Liquid USB 2.0 Promo USB Drive – Beer Floater

Liquid USB 2.0 Promo USB Drive - Beer Floater
(image: epromos) Liquid USB 2.0 Promo USB Drive – Beer Floater | US$tba |

alcoholic beverage fans rejoice, no wait… only if you are a huge Budweiser fan who constantly feel the need to be reminded that Bud is your life – even when you are in your office slogging your ass out. in that case, you probably already have your suite of bud-related merchandises like mugs, coasters, bottle openers, and of course, loads of can bud stashed under your secret mini-fridge under your desk, so all you need now is to grab this Liquid USB 2.0 Promo USB Drive – Beer Floater that will remind you of your deep love affair with the yellow bitter beverage. of course, the liquid in it probably just look like beer with its accompanying beer foam but we highly doubt it is the real-deal. it doesn’t really matters, cos’ its not like you are really going to down that tiny bit of yellowish liquid. apart from its novel concept, the 4GB USB flash drive still does what every flash drive does – that’s to store your data, albeit in a rather puny storage capacity in today’s context. in case you are undaunted by its modest capacity, you can order yours in bulk of 25 units at just $17.65 each and it goes even dirt cheap if you order more.

epromos via Technabob

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