while mouse and stylus are handy tools for designers mucking around with software like Photoshop, Lightroom and the likes, they are not exactly the most convenient options and mostly importantly they lack of the tactile touch that some designers craved for. in comes the Palette, a control interface that not only gives you the tactile feel when zoom in and out and stuff like that, but also offers the flexibility of customizing the hardware interface, so that you could have the controller with the buttons, dials and sliders, exactly to your need and none that you don’t need. customization is as easy as plugging the power module to your computer’s USB port and adding the buttons, dials, and/or sliders that you deem necessary for your work and configuring what does what using the Palette desktop app.

the beauty lies in the customization and the simplicity of the device, which will ultimately lead to a more efficient workflow and thereby, increasing the productivity. the Palette Customizable Control interface supports the entire Adobe Creative Suite, as well as popular software such as Spotify and Google Maps. best of all, you can custom the control interface on the fly, which means you can add, subtract and rearrange them as and when you desire and it can even be custom for use on your next DJ gig too. basically, the application of the Palette Customizable Control Interface is far and wide, and how you can ride on the benefits is really up to your imagination and your willingness to explore.

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the ground work of the this innovative product is set, all it needs now is financial backing, which is where you come in. you can show your support for this piece of wonder equipment by making a pledge of 99 Canadian money or more, which will score you the starter kit that includes four modules: one power, one button, one dial, plus one slide module. for those who wished for a more fancy aesthetic, there is a limited edition wood version with six modules going for $239 CAD (limited to just 100 units). last checked, there are only seven of those left. so if you want one in the fancy wood guise, you better act fast.

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