Shmuel Linski’s ‘exposed’ concrete cast speaker system

Exposed Concrete Speaker System 544x428px
(credit: Shmuel Linski)

though we have seen a concrete cast custom PC case mod and even concrete USB flash drives, but to have them on speakers are the last thing we expect to see but here it is, a set of real life, true-to-the-core concrete cast speakers created by Israeli industrial designer Shmuel Linski. i am person with ‘industrial taste’, and naturally, Shmuel Linski’s work caught my eye. apparently, this is not the only cast concrete project he has done. previously, he has designed a concrete coffeemaker and wait for this… a concrete canoe. wow. if you ever need everything concrete, this is the dude to talk to.
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basically, the speaker has a driver sitting up top, while sound is channeled through the hollowed out body and emits out from the bottom. it is indeed a challenge to be using concrete as it is not a choice material due to its inability to vibrate like plastic or wood does. besides, concrete creation often weighs a lot more, which makes it a hassle to transport or move. it is hard to imagine how these speakers will sound, perhaps Linkski would like to make a video of it in action and compare them side by side with a standard wooden speaker system. sound aside, i think this concrete speaker system looks totally awesome because you know i am drawn to concrete too.

Exposed Concrete Speaker System 544x311px

Exposed Concrete Speaker System 544x588px

Linski Design via Gizmodo