Twelve South Compass for iPad now comes in different hue

Twelve South Compass 544x428px
(credit: Twelve South) Twelve South Compass | US$39.99 |

iPad users would probably be familiar with Twelve South’s Compass, the easel-style stand for your iPad. if you have been holding back in acquiring this stand because of its limited color option, then Twelve South has probably read your mind. the Compass is now available in two new hues: Candy Apple Red and Tactical Black. though only two more hues are added, but it is still a good start. not everything about Mac must be in silver, don’t you think so? sometimes we do need a wee bit of colors in our life. the Twelve South Compass cost $39.99 a pop, irregardless of the color you choose.
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Twelve South Compass 544x311px

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