Neostitch DIY iPhone 4 case lets you stitch your own design

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(credit: Connect Design) Neostitch DIY iPhone 4 Case | US$18.00 |

we envy those folks over at Etsy for their skills in turning out custom iPhone 4 cases. secretly, we wish we were born with such artistic hands to create those one-of-the-kind case for our beloved iOS device but lucky for us, there’s the Neostitch iPhone 4 Case that allows us to customize our case’s design to our liking even we aren’t technically inclined. though some knowledge in cross-stitching might actually help here. available in a variety colors (six, to be exact), the Neostitch iPhone 4 Case is a customizable case covered with tiny perforations like those found on a cross-stitch’s needlepoint canvas. customizing your own design is as simple as using the bundled needle and threads to cross-stitch your design onto the Neostitch iPhone 4 case. since it is the good’ol cross stitching affair, what type of design to go onto your case is limited by your imagination. really. for just $18, you will get a Neostitch DIY iPhone 4 Case, two needles, threads and some design patterns to get your started with.
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Connect Design via Holycool

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