smartphone has pretty much replaced everything in our lives, including our need for imaging, socializing and more, but one thing it can’t replace is your Swiss Army knife – until now. making that possible is the In1 Multi-tool iPhone Case. besides giving your precious little one that pretty much dominates your life the protection it needs (as well as access to all ports and buttons), the In1 is also a toolbox offering access to small individual tools, including a pair of screwdrivers (Phillip and Flathead), two pens (a blue and a red), a nail file, tweezers, toothpick and even a scissors. an useful pop-up kickstand integrated into its polycarbonate body wraps up the whole multi-functional package.

judging from the array of tools included, it is safe to say that this case pretty much seals your marriage with your iPhone. you can practically live off it. available in three flavors: black, white, as well as clear, for iPhone 5/5s with a model to fit Samsung GALAXY S4 coming soon. you can get yours from In1Case website for 50 bucks.

In1 Multi-tool iPhone Case

In1Case via Uncrate

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