by the virtue of the product’s name, you should already know what the K-pod is. instead of buying a Keurig K-cup machine that adds to your kitchen clutter, the K-pod turns your existing coffee maker into a K-cup brewer. the K-pod is a pretty ingenious design. it is designed as a drop-in for your standard coffee maker where it will nest within the filter basket. all you have to do is to place your choice of K-cup into the K-pod, shut the lid (which also pierces the K-cup), dial in the strength by manipulating the integrated dial on the K-pod, and place it into machine’s filter basket. obviously, you will have to introduce some water to complete the process. the K-pod is not just another plastic container, it has a clever bypass system built into it that allows control over the coffee brew strength (adjustable with the said knob or dial). inventor of the K-pod, Joseph Pruitt explains:

K-cup products typically require hot, high pressure water to brew a cup of coffee. If hot water with no pressure is placed in to a K-cup, the coffee brews very slowly and makes a very strong brew (which many people do not like). The bypass system in the K-pod is kind of like making an Americano (An Americano is strong espresso + hot water). The strong brewed coffee passes through the K-cup and mixes with the hot water passing through the bypass system.  By adjusting the height of the bypass valve, the user can control the strength of their coffee.

the K-pod will work with any coffee maker that uses standard coffee filter, regardless of the filter compartment’s shape. that said, overcoming slightly odd filter shape design merely requires you to remove the basket and replacing it with the K-pod. the real kicker here is, it only takes 19 dollars to enjoy your favorite K-cup brew and not hundreds of dollars for a dedicated machine. the K-pod is perfect for those who mostly enjoy drip coffee, but appreciate a K-cup or two occasionally. a special mention has to be given to the $29 package: it comes with a beautiful stainless steel holder that holds the K-pod when not in use and stores up to six K-cups.

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